A Swamp Stomp Romp!

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Laceface has just finished work on her latest video to accompany her song Swamp Stomp from Hodgepodge V.

Laceface loves to escape to her local swamp. There’s something about reconnecting with marsh and water, the chance to see a fish swim by or hear the birdies twitter that makes her heart a flutter. It’s where she feels most comfortable, apart from being behind her cello of course! Combine the two and she’s in heaven.

However, a glimpse of the tall faux-fur jumpsuit (which she designed and sewed herself!) clad Laceface frolicking in her natural environment can set the minds of some into panic. Poor Laceface. She’s so misunderstood.

She hopes you’ll enjoy the frolic and fun of Swamp Stomp!

As always, Laceface is grateful to the adventurous, playful emotional souls who support her and her music.



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