Stitch by Laceface

Is it real? Did it happen? Why does it hurt? Will this stitch ever go away? Or is it just Laceface’s heart that hurts? Is Cello Laceface’s only friend? Maybe if she wanders some more, things may become clearer. Unless it’s a dream.


The Principles Of Cosmicism & the Concept Of Nothing from Hodgepodge by Laceface

Laceface’s three minute melancholic epic of the awesomeness of the universe and the insignificance of human existence by comparison.


Golden Highway from Hodgepodge IV by Laceface

Join Laceface for a frenetic drive down the Golden Highway. Hold on tight.


Laceface Live Bits

Laceface performing at the dARK aMBULANCE experimental/improv mini music festival at The Record Crate in Glebe on Sat 11 March 2017.

Laceface’s video songs in order are Thunderbolts Way, Principles of Cosmicism and the Concept of Nothing, Sunflowers and HBBH.

Buckethead doll came along for the ride, although he didn’t have a choice, he didn’t seem to mind.