A Swamp Stomp Romp!

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Laceface has just finished work on her latest video to accompany her song Swamp Stomp from Hodgepodge V. Laceface loves to escape to her local swamp. There’s something about reconnecting with marsh and water, the chance to see a fish … Continued

Hodgepodge V by Laceface the cellist

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The destination’s imagination A sojourn of fright and delight Guiding you is disorientation A swamp tale from dusk to sunlight Laceface the cellist has released her latest Hodgepodge, number five in the series. In the Hodgepodge tradition, Hodgepodge V contains … Continued

Who’s Up For A Swamp Stomp?

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Laceface has been slaving away on her latest recording which has a ton of new splats. Here are a couple of hints that she shared on Instagram of what’s to come! Here she is playing her Yamaha SVC-50 cello unplugged … Continued

Somehow Laceface forgot to mention this one…

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Hodgepodge III Hodgepodge III by Laceface Oops. Laceface completely forgot to mention that she’d released another Hodgepodge way back in January 2017. released January 25, 2017. The first Laceface release for 2017 has five new original tracks and a bonus … Continued

19 May 2017 A Laceucopia of New Releases!

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Hodgepodge IV   19 May 2017 – Last month Laceface released her fourth Hodgepodge via Bandcamp with five new tracks and a hidden bonus! It might be her favourite so far as she’s covered her beloved Buckethead. All this great affection … Continued