Happy Halloween from Laceface. Trick or Treat – A Halloween Cello Suite

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Happy Halloween! Only another week to go and it will be Halloween. Sadly, it was never really celebrated in Australia (although things are changing), though with the lace sewn to my face, every day is a bit like Halloween for me. Yay!

As some of you might know, Halloween is such a fun time for me as I get to dress up like Buckethead.

I’ve been working hard on getting my new Halloween music out and that pesky Lacepumpkin has made me do things that I wouldn’t normally do. Well, maybe not. Here are all the spooky specs on Trick or Treat – A Halloween Cello Suite! Boo! Tee hee.

Love Laceface

As the Lacepumpkin has taken over for Halloween, all sorts of ghastly, spooky, ghoulish and deceptively delightful frights, are found within Trick Or Treat.

TRICK is a witches brew of horrible sounds and stomach churns, including the gory tale of how Laceface became Laceface.

At The 13th Strike
Fun With Scissors
Small Fright
Unpick the Seams
A Panel Of Lace
Sewing Machine
Stick A Needle In My Eye
Lacepumpkin Lives!

OR is a short waltz for all those spirits who like to have a jig but are worn out from all their other worldly hauntings.

TREAT is not quite as terrifying as TRICK. It’s the calm before Halloween gets into full swing, where the spirits, disembodied and ghoulish types are lying in their crypts in anticipation, to rise for their night of horrible fun. You can almost see the witches and ghosts flying low over the hills, lit by starlight and moon.

Happy Halloween from Laceface!!!

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